Okay, so you might be wonder ‘why don’t these people going on about their hemp rolling papers? And the simple answer is… because they are totally awesome!

We have been on a mission over the last year to bring you the best rolling papers you can get your hands on. We have tested endless amounts of rolling papers from all across the world to find responsibly sourced, high quality rolling papers.

Want to find out what makes our hemp rolling papers totally amazing? Just read on.


Our papers are made from the most natural materials you can find

I’m not going to bore you why hemp is possibly the greatest natural fibre in the world  (if you want to find out a little bit about hemp take a look here.) To cut a long story short, hemp is an amazingly versatile, natural fibre which can be used to make a wide variety of useful things – including some delicious rolling papers. Hemp makes for a particularly good material to use for making rolling papers because not only does the plant’s strong fibres make for a slow-burning, chemical-free smoke, but it also a lot more environmentally friendly too.

Made by Smokers, for Smokers!

Every inch of our product is designed to give you the finest smoke possible. While you already know that our rolling papers are totally awesome, our roach papers are pretty amazing too!
Made from high-quality kraft paper, the little beauties are perfect for bending and shaping into beautiful filter tips. The most important thing to know about our roach paper is that they are cut to extra long sizes.


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